Video Testimonies of Miraculous Healings

Select each name below to watch Pastor Thurman interview each person as they tell the exciting details of their testimony! Macintosh viewers may use the available .mov link.
Johnny Brumfield .mov healed of two crushed knees
Michelle Greggs YouTube healed of Athlete's Foot
Ernest & Ester Cameron YouTube 1. healed of a 15-year tumor
2. granddaughter healed of breast cancer
Norma Garcia .mov healed of Lupus & Parkinson's Disease
Liz Johnson .mov healed of Lyme Disease
Sharon Jones .mov healed of back problems & brain aneurysm
Katlynn, The Miracle Child .mov impossible that she could live
Frank & Terri Lugenheim YouTube 1. son healed of Legg Calve Perthese
2. marriage restored
Ray Martinez .mov healed of a stroke
Dave Rosenfeld .mov healed of lifelong incurable illness
Cheryl Scrivner .mov 1. healed of cold feet
2. knee injury
3. HRT (hormone replacement therapy)
BaLeigh Waldrop .mov healed from the side-effects of Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer. Click here to read Beckey Waldrop's letter written the day after BaLeigh was healed.
Wendy Wallin .mov 1. witnessed shriveled hand restored
2. witnessed back injury made whole
Philip Wrenn .mov healed of warts

Teachings in German Translation

Select a title to hear Pastor Thurman teaching in Altensteig during his 2008 Germany Conference
  • Blessing or Curse - Choose Life
  • God Acts When We Are Obedient
  • Know Your Enemy and Withstand #1
  • Know Your Enemy and Withstand #2
  • Our Worst Enemy - Doubt and Unbelief
  • Praying and Confessing in Faith #1
  • Praying and Confessing in Faith #2
  • Praying before the Throne of Grace
  • Steps to Faith in Action
  • What Our Confession Should Be
  • Titles available in Russian

    Titles made available in Russian from the folks at Help From Above website.
  • How to Get Someone Saved That Satan Has Bound Russian or English
  • How to Be Healed
  • Frank & Terri Lugenheim Testimony
  • Ready your spiritual weapons
  • Start Here Teachings

    Are you new to the teachings of Pastor Scrivner and the Living Savior Ministries and don't know where to start? The titles below are a great place. If you are looking for a full list of teachings, click here .
    For video testimonies of people who have received miraculous healings, please click here .
  • All Power Is Given
  • According To Your Faith
  • Be Perfectly Trained Like Jesus
  • Behold I Give Unto You POWER
  • Belief vs. Doubt
  • Cure For Cancer
  • Don't Let Unforgiveness Torment Your Family
  • God's Power
  • How To Get A Lost Person Saved
  • Katlynn's Miracle
  • The Healer Is In You
  • The Lord Sent His Word To Heal You
  • The Tongue
  • You Possess What You Confess - The Never Again List
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